Friday, 28 October 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)

I enjoyed the first 2 Paranormal Activitiy films but in all honesty was not that bothered about PA 3, especially when I heard it was going to be a prequal. I want to know what Katie did next and how they can work it in. Anyway they open with some extra footage found from the start of 2 that shows a big box of VHS that goes missing and they we appear to see what was on those tapes, that is not a spoiler as such but straight off the bat they give exposition about the film you are about to see and then throw in a question about how we are getting to see this film, annoying that they missed this, if I can see through a hole like that it has to be pretty obvious because usually I misss these things but anyway. The story follows the girls from the previous film Katie and Kristie and them growing up and it is essentially back ground for the first 2 films.

The film makers put pressure on themselves by setting it in 1988, you are going to VHS and you have to justify why a family would have what were expesive items back in the late 80's I think they pull this off and they get away with it but there are so many issues as soon as some of the stuff appears on camera I would be at the experts not trying to figure it out and the reactions of some small acotrs is a bit strange. And ultimately that is my problem with this film, it is clearly a film, why the continued push and determination for it to all be caught on hand held cameras, who tapes themselves while they edit video, it is ridiculous and unbeleivable. Anyway the story in it's basic form apart from the holes I can rip in it and the continued far reaches behind why they would film everything it is actually wuit enjoyable.

I would recommend this for anyone that liked the first 2 it is basically the same idea and the tension and scares did get me and I enjoyed it, but do not go in expecting a masterpeice, 3 star recommend for those people that have enjoyed the other films. I have heard tha PA 4 has been green lit and what I would love to see would be a normal film, form the point of view of the detectives investigating the first 2 films, using the footage from all 3, that would be interesting if done well.

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