Friday, 9 December 2011

The House on Haunted Hill (1959)

Public Domain films are abundant and easy to get your hands on and one I watched recently via a free podcast was the 1959 Walter Scott classic The House on Haunted Hill starring the classic horror actor VIncent Price who brings his full presence to this atmospheric film.

The set up of this film is a Millionaire, played by Vincent Price invites 5 strangers to a haunted house party and straight from the start there is something going on within the household and the scene between Vincent Price and his screen wife Carol Ohmart is brilliant and will help redifine how you think of black and white films from the 50's if you are not a fan of these films. This film is a true classic of it's time and still holds up today and is worth seeing.

I really enjoyed this film and would recommend that everybody gives it a look, this is a 4 star film for me and as it is public domain it should be easy for everybody to see. Let me know if you have seen it or if you do see it in the near future.

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