Thursday, 15 December 2011

King Kong (1976)

The remake of the 1933 classic , I watched this straight after seeing the original and have to say that I liked where it decided to go, they update the story to what is present day so the 1970's they stretch a bit with the idea that there is an island on earth that has not been discovered in an age when we have walked on the moon but you can let them away with it.

Jeff Bridges plays a hippy photographer and this plays in to the moral of the story when he sneaks on board a petrol explorer boat that believes that if they go to the island which is hidden by fog, the believe it is hidden because of fumes from a massive petrol field that is undiscovered. Ultimately this follows the same basic story as the original but has a moral story about the rape of the natural world and the impact that mankind can have on the world if they do not stop and think about what is best rather than what is best for themselves, quite blatant and not very subtle but does not overly bother me.

This is a solid 3 star film, possibly edging almost to 4 but being a remake it just loses out, if you enjoy watching films and seeing the same story told in different ways then this is well worth a watch.

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