Friday, 2 September 2011

The Inbetweeners (2011)

I will be upfront and say that I have never seen any of the TV Series and know nothing about any of the characters but the Fiance wanted to see it as it appeals to her funny bone. The premise is that the main characters do not fit in even within their own families and they decide to go on holiday to the Greek island Malia. Firstly this film is almost the same as Kevin and Perry Go Large the out of place guys who are thick go on holiday and I wonder how it will turn out?

Now some of the jokes are hilarious the dance scene will go down in YouTube history when it comes out on DVD, having looked online this seems to be Neil played by Blake Harrison. A part from that and some other jokes the film is too cringe worthy for me, it is very much laugh at these people not with them and this is not the sort of comedy I appreciate as I simply feel bad fro them as I want them to succeed and every time you think they are winning the pull the Dumb and Dumber ending which is what made me hate that film, but that is a different review.

Overall if you like the series I am sure you will love the film and if you liked Kevin and Perry then this is for you, however it was not for me but a couple of the jokes were funny enough so 2 stars.

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