Friday, 16 September 2011

A Lonely Place to Die (2011)

I went to see this Melissa George film without having seen the trailer or heard that much about it and I have to say that this makes for an interesting watching experience. Based upon the poster and basic information it is a mountaineering expedition in to the hills of Scotland, with Melissa Geroge, Ed Speleers, Alec Newman, Kate Magowan and Garry Sweeney as your intrepid mountaineers. Their plans are changed and they end up going in a slightly different direction due to the weather and things change in to a world of hurt.

I will not go any further than that as I think that discovering teh twists and turns of this film are a lot of fun. Overall if you think about the film to hard you can see decisions and ideas that you might do differently and think why did they not do this or that and that can be fun but can also make you question if the film is any good. I would say go along for the ride and enjoy the performances and the scenery and and while the film might not go in a direction you like or enjoy overall I think you will enjoy this film from Julian and Will Gilbey.

This film was a lot of film it will not be for everyone but if you enjoy character studies mixed with adventure then you will enjoy this film. I give this a solid 3 stars and would ask people to give it a chance.

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