Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Anonymous (2011)

Was Shakespeare a fraud? A question asked many times and there are several proposed conspiracies and let us be honest it happened more than 400 years ago so we will never know the exact truth. But this film is a suggestion of what may have happened and irrespective of the story and whether you believe the film you have to love it, Roland Emmerich not a fan of his stories but you have to love what he can bring to the screen with his epic visuals and stunning photography. He brings to this story set during teh reign of Queen Elizabeth the 1st a sense of the time, the filth and how people lived in these times.

The central performaces were brilliant from Rhys Ifans as Edward, was that good in this role that I did not recoignise him and have a new found respect for his acting which has been flawless. Vanessa Redgrave as an aging Queen and David Thewlis as Lord Cecil which he played brilliantly. Over all the only flaws in this film is the story which is a major part but also it is not that important if you let yourself go and believe what the film is saying you will appreciate what Emmerich has brought to the screen.

This film seems to have missed a large audience as it has barely lasted 2 weeks in cinemas and this is a shame, believe it as fiction if the concept bothers you but watch the film and appreciate what they are doing. In these days of remakes and sequels it is refreshing to see a new story brought to the big screen, a solid 4 star recommend from me.

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  1. The film had its fair share of flaws but Emmerich really keeps this film moving with a story that is detailed with great mystery to it, and shows his love for Shakespeare’s writing very well. Let’s just hope he sticks away from blowing up the world the now. Good review.