Monday, 7 November 2011

Open Graves (2009)

This was an interesting idea I saw being advertised on the TV so taped it, starring Eliza Dushku and Mike Vogel and it appeared to be a horror version of Jumanji so I was interested. From the off I knew I was probably going to be disappointed, terrible acting and dodgy loose plot and early on i was actually tempted to switch it off. But anyway the play this game that they are given by a strange man in a wheelchair. Now they appeared to be on a surfing holiday and were interested in weed and beer so why they played a game they had never heard of? But these things must happen for the story to progress.

So the game gives out death cards and the players will die how the card describes it, now the holes start to appear in the story and the film. The effects are that funny they are not even funny, the crabs are terrible and so unbelievable. And the first person dies before the game is finished and then you are at his funeral and nobody else has died and straight away you are like what. So it progresses with some more terrible effects the snakes form nowhere are shocking. You are really just hoping for some cool depths and thinking well there must be a cool twist at the end? The ending is predictable and laughable and really badly thought out as the surfer proves himself to be a dude. The side story of the cop is pointless as well and not that well explored.

So this film is not worth seeing on any level, it is disappointing to see them spend the money on something like this, again it is an interesting idea and in the right hands could have been awesome instead it is a disjointed waste of time, please do not see this 1 star drivel.

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