Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Transformers 3:Dark of the Moon (2011)

So I watched the 3rd Transformers film even though the first 2 were nothing special or appealing and now there was no Megan Fox to look at, even though as an actress she was nothing special I have to be honest and say I think she looks good. Shia Le Beuf is back and I did like the fact that he was not ensconced in the heart of Military Intelligence and they did try to play it a little real, however let us remember that this series of films are about giant robots that are from space and they fight each other, this is not based in realism so the fact that they bother trying to develop this when in the last hour they forget anything like development when the robots are fighting.

Michael Bay does not seem to live in any form of reality when it comes to making movies and apart from the fact that these films take so much money he should not be allowed to make films. Transformers 3 is about an hour too long, there is a scene at the end when I am like what happened there it is like I missed 5 minutes, must have dozed off, and really in a film about robots changing into cars and fighting why was I so bored?

There is very little actually any good about this film, fair enough the effects are as always awesome and I can believe that the robots are there but the characters, I do not care and actually I was hoping that they would fail. They introduce random Autobots never seen before so they can die and there are racist stereotypes abound and why have a fat waddling Robot, who designs a robot to be fat and cumbersome? This is barely worthy of the 1 star and I would avoid this at all costs, it is not worth the time it takes to watch it.

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