Sunday, 4 March 2012

If Only (2004)

Film of 2012 #39

A British based romantic comedy from 2004 starring Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Paul Nicholls, who is known to me from a role in Eastenders. The story follows Sam and Ian through one day where a lot happens mostly wrong and it ends with the Death of Sam and Ian somehow gets the chance to experience the day again and to make a difference. This is billed as a romantic comedy and the there is some comedy but it is more romance, there is a super natural element with the chance to relive the day and the Taxi driver played by Tom Wilkinson who seems to know an awful lot about what is happening.

I have to say that with no real expectations regarding this film and I really enjoyed it, it is not mind blowing or fantastically done but it is is enjoyable. The main characters are likeable and well played by Jennifer Love-Hewitt who was in her popular cute look phase and I think that this was a vehicle for her and she does have a producer credit on it. There are a couple of gaping plot holes that are fairly obvious such as times and a couple of decisions that I think in real life would have gotten a totally different reaction and the ending goes somewhere that I did not expect and it ends the film on a different note from the fluff that you think it is.

I have to give this a very strong 3 star recommend, it is not for everyone and the plot holes could easily take you out of the film but for some good entertaining fun then it is very much worth a watch.

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