Monday, 12 March 2012

Shark Night (2011)

Film of 2012 #43

The Shark Night film is another film from the stable of the OTT extreme 3D horror films and is designed around the shock value of being seen in the cinemas with the glasses on. I did not see it in the cinema with the galsses on so missed out on this experience but I have to say that I still quite enjoyed this film. If you like the Final Destination films of which I have previously reviewed 1, 25 and the Piranha 3D film which I reviewed yesterday then you will enjoy this film even without the gimmick of the 3D.

Essentially this film is a slasher/monster film with Sharks as usual with this style of film there a certain holes in reality and requirement but overall if you go with the film you can watch it, enjoy the kills and where the story goes. There is some interesting character development at the start they sort of try to make you care for the characters in a strange way by giving them something to live for but really you have a rich girl, her family owns a house on an island. A Basketball player who is commented on as a top 10 draft pick and someone applying to be a Dr. I wonder if they are trying to get you to appreciate what they have to lose but also you cannot necessarily relate to them and you look forward to watching them die, as some of them are bound to do based even on the trailer which i reviewed here. 

Overall this is a solid 3 star recommend for me, especially if you like the other films I mentioned earlier then this film is right for you, I do think that there will be some level of dislike and even hate from people that are not into this sort of film. Let me know if you liked it or if you want to see it now, I am keen to hear other opinions. 

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