Monday, 26 March 2012

Starship Troopers (1997)

Film of 2012 #54

One of my all time favourite films based on the novel by Robert A Heinlen which I reviewed here. This film is very different from the book but they both follow Johnny Rico as he goes from High School in to military service with the mobile Infantry, through his training and the war with the bugs. The book is a much smaller narrower story with the only focus being on Johnny and his position within the war, the film as it probably has to takes a larger look at the situation of the war.

You have an interesting cast as there are quite a few well known actors, even if they are not the best in the world. Johnny is played by Casper Van Dein, Denise Richards plays Carmen, Neil Patrick Harris plays Karl, with Michael Ironside playing Lt Rasczak, Dina Meyer as Dizzy and finally Clancy Brown as Sergeant Zim. The actors are nothing special but they fulfil the role required and are all campy enough to carry the feeling that Paul Verhoeven was going for in his direction. The film plays like a recruiting video for the Mobile Infantry and throughout the film he goes with a similar idea as he did with Robocop in cutting to the idea that you are watching infomercials 'Would you like to know more?'

This film is not perfect it has it's flaws but overall it works really well for me and is a film that I try and watch at least once a year. There is talk of a remake and I would be interested to see what they can do with the material and hope that they perhaps try and go more for what the book did. Make it more of a study of the individual rather than the set piece of the war and would also love to see what they do with the suits. This is a solid 5 star recommend with the understanding that i know not all of you will enjoy the film.

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