Friday, 29 June 2012

House of the Devil (2009)

From director Ti West this 2009 film is a bit strange as it is based in the 1980's and without any preamble or real setting and you meet Samantha played by Jocelin Donahue and her friend Megan played by Greta Gerwig. You meet Samantha and she is moving into a new flat and needs a job and it turns out that the babysitting job she goes for is a family's elderly mother rather than a child. I watched this not knowing it was based in the 80's and the decisions made are a bit strange and the girls make decisions that are out of date in today's world.

This film is really slow to begin with I think it is sold as a horror film so it plays on the fact that you are expecting something to happen and it plays it out again and again with nothing really happening. Anyway you reach the conclusion and it explodes into action but by this point it had lost me completely I could see what it was going to do and nothing it did was that impressive. There is also a total lack of exposition or explanation as to how and why what is happening is happening and you really do not care by the end of it.

The ending has a nice little twist of sorts but really by then I did not care enough to pay that much attention and I think if the story was better paced and kept you in it for longer then the ending would have been very good. Overall this is a 2 star avoid, another of the horror films to stay away from unless you are a hardened fan.

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