Thursday, 28 June 2012

Merlin and the War of the Dragons (2008)

One of these film titles that sounds fascinating, intriguing and makes you want to see what they have done with this story. So what they did was they got two school boys who said they wanted to act and put them in charge of actually half decent CGI dragons and made them battle. This is in the vain of the SyFy channel horror films but this time they have gone back to the 5th Century to when Merlin was a a boy and pretended that he an his friend fall out and become Dragon Masters.

The acting in this film is awful with little to no stand outs, Jurgen Prochnow is the only name of anyone that you might have heard of and even he cannot carry this story. The story itself is not terrible but with the amateur acting and the low budget effects, there is a crowd scene where it just feels like there is nobody there. This really is more dreadful guff from the world of terrible films, it is so bad quality it does not even touch on the good side of bad film making.

This is a 1 star drivel avoid, there are no redeeming features at all and I would recommend that avoid you watching this.

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