Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Company of Wolves (1984)

Film of 2012 #38

A film that was recommended to me as it was on TV and being about Wolves I thought that it was worth a look. With Angela Lansbury as Granny speaking to Rosaleen played by Sarah Paterson about the things to watch out for in the woods and she tells stories. I have to say that this clearly draws on the Red Riding Hood mythos and it completely lost me as to what was happening and what the whole point of the film actually was. You start in modern times and you see a sister taunting a little sister who appears to be a sleep and you seem to jump to a dream scene and I got very confused about what was going on.

The stories in themselves were very basic if actually a bit pointless and I seem to have missed something very important about this film which means that I had no enjoyment in it whatsoever. It is clearly about werewolves and it is very dreamy and at times not very coherent, a bit like this review. The acting was fine Angela Lansbury is a funny actress as she has seemed to be old forever and I always find it funny to see her in films as i best know her for Murder She Wrote. The acting and effects are fairly effective in some of the scenes, to me there is just something wrong with the story.

I am going to give this another try and watch it again in the future, will see if this makes any more sense and is really worth a watch but after this first view it is a 1 star avoid, let me know if you have seen it and liked it I am possibly wrong in my opinion.


  1. I love this film. It's a great product of its time for me. I did see it when I was young though. My younger mind loved it so the fondness will stick.

    It's like a werewolf Labyrinth for me. Shame you really disliked it. I can't see how a re-watch would make you like it more. Are you really willing to donate more of your time to it?

  2. I wonder if I saw it out of my time or I was not giving it my full attention so missed something important that put me off. Anyway will perhaps re-watch if it is on and I have nothing else to watch.