Monday, 2 April 2012

Rare Exports:A Christmas Tale (2010)

Film of 2012 #55

This film is from Finland it is based upon a folk tale they have around Santa Claus, which is a very different story to what the Western representation of Santa Claus. This film is subtitled and is very much a cultural film and therefore it will not appeal to everybody. I think that it is supposed to be a comedy and there are certainly elements that make you smile but you have to be aware before going in that there is an element of comedy. You follow a young boy called Pietari Kontio played by Onni Tommila whose real life father Jorma Tommila plays his father in the film. Upon research this film is the 3rd film in a trilogy with the first two parts being short films that this story was adapted from.

This is quite a dark film and there are some adult scenes with some male genitalia on show at the later part of the film and there are some scenes of blood and gore. I think that if you can see the comedy in this film and appreciate it as a whimsical comedy then you will really enjoy it. The acting is strong enough and the effects while not brilliant are not terrible, there are some issues around being comfortable where the story goes and why they do what they suggest at the end but overall this is a fun film.

There are not enough foreign films that I really enjoy but if you liked things like Let the Right One In then while this is not in the same league as that film there is a certain level of enjoyment within this Christmas film, 3 star recommend if you do subtitles.

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