Friday, 15 April 2011

Final Destination (2000)

I love this series of films and decided before heading on my holiday to rewatch the 1st 2 anyway so started with the original. I love the concept behind these films and what they acheived in the first one was fantastic. You had the supernatural element of "Death" stalking your group of typical teens.

In re-watching this film for what might be the 10th time I like the attention to detail they go to, I have to be honest and say that while not taking the Devon Sawa character seriously, after the first couple of "survivors" die i would perhaps have investigated the possibility of keeping them safe. I do think that the character was deliberitly played a bit to crazy.

I would reccomend these films, they are not for everyone but have enough scares and well thought out plot points that they will entertain you. I am going to give this film 4 stars.

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