Friday, 15 April 2011

Final Destination 2 (2003)

March 2011 - DVD

So after watching the first film I was ready to watch the second, which I always thought was my favorite of the series. HOwever on re-watching this I was disappointed, while the start of events is awesome and so well filmed and the death scenes are awesome I was not as engaged in this re-watch as I was in the first film.

The concept behind this story is very clever, they tie into the first film with all the "survivors" this time having been saved because of the deaths of the first victims. Which is interesting, however it stretches that everybody in the crash was "saved" by the events of the first film which just leads to out of control.

Also the lead of this film, A J Cook was able to re-visit her vision which put me off a bit as well, overall I was disapponted by this film on this re-watch, I give it 2 stars on re-watching, worth seeing for the first time but not re-watching.

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