Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Patriot Games (1992)

From the pen of Tom Clancy, directed by Philip Noyce comes the Harrison Ford portrayal of Jack Ryan. On holiday in London Jack is on hand when an IRA splinter group lead by Sean Bean tries to kidnap a member of the royal family. Jack gets involved and kills one of the attackers while killing the younger brother of Sean Bean. He is shot during the melee and when he is fit goes home and after the rest of the splinter group see there way to getting Sean Been out of prison the terrorism comes home for Jack Ryan.

I have not read any of the Tom Clancy books but after this film I am tempted to give them a go as they are full of action but try and keep some form of realism. Even if the realism is an extreme and could be considered paranoia and if all true is actually quite scary with terrorists in camps knowing when the satellites are supposed to be going overhead. This level of control, knowledge and the power of the attacks is extreme but makes for some good stories, might read the books and see how they compare to the films.

This film is enjoyable and has some good actors with Harrison Ford facing off against Sean Bean and the two of them playing excellent parts. With support from Anne Archer, Patrick Bergin and an early outing for Thora Birch, Samuel L Jackson and James Earl Jones give this a solid American feel as well. I really liked this film, the message and threat is now out of date but overall is still a fun Terrorist based action adventure film and a 7 out of 10 for me.

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