Monday, 8 August 2011

The Amazing Spiderman (2012) Trailer

The Amazing Spider-Man coming to a cinema's in 2012, I had not even heard that this film was getting made but it looks awesome from the trailer it is a reboot starring Andrew Garfield who found fame in The Social Network and possibly should have won the best supporting actor Oscar according to some people I have heard who talk abut these things.

It seems to go further back than the Sam Raimi original origin story and brings in Peter's parents so that could be interesting. I am not a big fan of origin stories but I have to say that it does look interesting, it really is interesting that a film that is not even 10 years old yet is getting rebooted, it either goes to show that they are willing to do anything to maintain rights or they truly have run out of ideas.

I know that I will go and see this film at the cinema because I always see the really big films there. Not saying that i am going with really high expectations but I do expect to enjoy it.

UK Release Date - 5 July 2012

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