Monday, 8 August 2011

The Descent Part 2 (2009)

*Spoilers for The Descent* My review of the first film here.

The follow up to the Neil Marshall film about the caving females, firstly I do not think that this film was needed and if they had to remake it then why not ask Marshall to come back and do it again? Anyway this is the point that they had to decided which ending to go with and they went with the one that brought the Shauna MacDonald character to the surface. The British version finishes with the fact that she imagined her escape and this for me was a mistake but then it is a film I did not think needed to be made.

Saying that I went in looking for the same sort of tension that Marshall had been able to craft in his original film, it was not there to the same level there were to many strange decisions. For some reason the Shauna MacDonald character while almost comatose was dragged back into the caves and while it only happened a couple of days previously she could not remember what had happened. So you have a lot of plot points to get you where you need to go and overall I actually enjoyed it. There was a nice twist at the end that was fun and a couple of surprises through the middle which were good.

This is a 3 star film that did not need to be made and they could have gone a different direction which I think could have worked a bit better but overall if you enjoy the first then the second is worth seeing.

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