Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Friends With Benefits (2011) Trailer

I saw this trailer in front of Horrible Bosses and I have to say that while it falls into the category of romantic Comedy while not the sort of film that I would normally like it did look funny. You have Mila Kunis from Black Swan and Justin Timberlake from the Social Network and pop star status who are friends and decide to try and introduce a sex without emotion relationship into there friendship and shenanigans ensue.

I have to say that I think I have where the story goes figured out but you never know I might be wrong and it certainly looks like it will be interesting to see how they do get where they are going.

Sure my better half will want to see this so will possibly end up at the Cinema to see it and I am sure that I will enjoy the film on the big screen, Mila Kunis is certainly not a hardship to watch.

UK Release Date - 9th September 2011

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