Monday, 1 August 2011

The Smurfs (2011) Trailer

The little blue Smurfs get the big screen make-over, the Belgian cartoon is the latest 80's program to b ere--imagined on the big screen. Having seen the trailer for this I have to say that it looks good, really they can make any film and idea appear to be a good thing and the CGI looks good, however I do not think this is a film for me.

There seems to be the idea that the Smurfs end up in New York City and they have to find away home, this is a bit like the story of Enchanted which was a good film in itself and I am sure that the film will appeal to the target audience which is obviously children.

I do not think that I will end up seeing this film, however I think that on DVD I will probably give it a watch I have certainly given time to films that are more than likely a lot worse than this appears to be. I will perhaps wait to see what the reaction of the critics is.

UK release date - 10th August 2011

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  1. But... But... it's the Schtroumphs!!! (Yeah: they'll never be the Smurfs to me!
    That's why you have a cine card! :-)