Friday, 5 August 2011

Fortress (1992)

So I decided to revisit the 1992 Christopher Lambert science fiction thriller where it is against the law for couples to have more than one child and after the death of their first Christopher Lambert and his Wife played by Loryn Locklin are trying to get into either Mexico or Canada when they are rumbled. Shenanigans ensue when Christopher Lambert is caught and ensconced in the Fortress.

Kurtwood Smith is in charge in the futuristic highly technological prison and he is a bit wooden but it works so well and you will understand if you have seen this film or choose to watch it. A nice little twist and an interesting comment very near the end about where some of the people of the future may end up. This is an enjoyable look at the future of the world and the justice system and was par for the course in the late 80' early 90's. I am glad the future did not come out as dark as the predictions of those film makers but i am happy for their vision as it makes the films that much more entertaining.

I would say that this film is 3 stars it is very enjoyable and has a time in place but it looks a bit dated and the acting and effects are a bit ropey even by the standards of the time. There is the dark little look at the end of the film and I wonder if the film maker wanted to end it 2 minutes earlier would have made it a very dark situation.

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