Thursday, 9 February 2012

A.P.E.X. (1994)

Film of 2012 #28
Some Spoilers

This film has been listed as one of the worst films of all time by people I have heard speak on the internet and I have to say that I am in agreement. It is not the truly the worst film as the actual idea is very confusing and hard to follow. It is not like you think wow that sounds like a fantastic idea and when you see it they have made a total mess of it. Your basic concept is a time travel experiment that goes wrong. If any paradoxes are created then they send the A. P. E. X. the Advanced Prototype Exploration units back in time to clean the paradox, now this does not make any real sense as they talk about parallel dimensions and other realities and it is just a big mess right from the start.

The acting is nothing worse than I have seen in some Syfy originals or in some real low budget films and the effects are not the worst. The real issue just seems to be the confusion and the fact that at the end of the film I had very little to no idea what was actually supposed to have happened and it was like they had missed several chunks when it was edited together. 

Overall this is a one star film that should probably never be played again and is so not worth seeing, it is totally ridiculous and bad.

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