Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Grey (2012)

Film of 2012 #30
Some Spoilers

The latest film from Liam Neeson, sees him as a hunter in the Arctic circle protecting the oil workers from the wolves if they come to close. There is a plane crash and the story follows the survivors lead by Liam Neeson as they try and survive the weather and the wolves. I knew very little of this film going in but my Father-in-Law-to-be is a massive Liam Neeson fan and we always go and see his films as they come out so this was the next in line. I have to be honest and say that I knew very little of this film going in and I was disappointed with what I got. 

It is a well acted film and the characters are good and some of the set pieces were excellent and enjoyable and I have to say that the cinematography actually worked so well that I felt the cold that the actors did as you believed they were cold. There is a bit of predictability about the plot but there are also some points that I did not see coming but at the end of the film I was not that impressed or bothered about it. The ending in itself was not what I wanted from a film and to be honest this sort of film is just not for me. 

This is a hard film to recommend as I did not like it and will not see it again, overall I know that there will be an audience for this sort of film and you will know if you fall in to this category, I am going to give it 2 stars, the acting is good and some of the scenes are worth seeing but overall not a film for me. Let me know if this is your sort of film and let me know why I should like and appreciate this film. 

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