Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Human Centipede (2009)

Film of 2012 #27
Some Spoilers 

So I finally decided to watch this film after I saw that it was to be on the Horror Channel in the UK, I thought I will tape that and watch it if I feel like it. I really had no inclination to watch it after hearing about it and when watching it there was going to be no real shocks as I had heard all the spoilers and even discussions of the second film. However I thought lets see how bad can it really. So for anyone that has been living under a rock for the last few years, this is the film from Tom Six about the German doctor that wants to stitch people together. 

You start with the really cheesy scene between 2 female friends that are on holiday in Europe and they are going to go for a big night out. I think that this scene is supposed to set up characters that you like but to be honest they annoyed me and really did not care for them at all in the beginning. With a film like the Human Centipede you are really just waiting for the gory scenes to start. Now the film in itself was not as gory as I expected and apart from the subject matter being really messed up this was actually quite a well made film. You can see the lack of budget when you see the actors and the fact there are only 8 people in this film but the effects showing the people linked together are actually quite effective and I think that Tom Six given the opportunity and the budget could make a really good film and I will actually look for more of his work. 

Overall this film does not need to be seen, the subject matter is shocking for shocking sake and really it is good that there is no reason for the Doctor. But also there is no reason for you to care about the characters with the third part of the centipede coming from nowhere. I think that a bit more focus on the horror right at the end could have had more impact, overall a solid film in the gore genre and 3 stars. You should see this if you have any inclination, it will be worth seeing if you are interested in this sort of film.

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