Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Where Eagles Dare (1968)

Film of 2012 #20
No Spoilers

The World War 2 epic film about the Special Forces of Britain lead by Richard Burton and aided by Clint Eastwood as the American along for the ride this film is so much more than you suspect. It starts with the fact that an American General has been captured by the Nazis and is being held in a mountain top castle and the special forces are being dropped in to Germany to facilitate a rescue operation. I will say that I do not want to spoil this film but there is a lot more going on than a  simple rescue mission as some of the scenes are a bit unbelievable but this is a film worth watching. 

There is a common joke about war films that everybody just speaks with their own accent usually British and this is never an issue and I think that Quinten Tarantino may have picked up on this for his war Film Inglorious Basterds with the Cellar scene and those that have seen that will understand what I am getting at with that reference. This film I think is possibly the worst offender if it is an offence as Clint Eastwood is supposed to be speaking German but has the broadest American accent that there is no way he would get away with it. But I think that this is not the real point of this film it is about the daring escapades of the British thwarting the Germans and showing why we won the war. 

This is a solid three start film bordering on a four star but for some of the effects and the accents causing more hilarity than an issue but the film does come in at 2 hours 38 minutes which is far to long but some of the set pieces and some of the reveals are pretty good and well worth a watch. 

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