Friday, 10 February 2012

Kull the Conqueror (1997)

Film of 2012 #29

The Kevin Sorbo attempt to be Conan the Barbarian, it starts with Kull as the barbarian trying to join the army, to then killing the King and being named as the heir. With Tia Carrere resurrected as a witch who wants to reclaim her throne which essentially Kull now has and there is treason and a journey with a riddle to be solved and a love interest to be saved who has a brother you think is a lover.......and the good guys win. 

Really this is another silly film the writing team must simply have thrown ideas around and decided to fit them all in but they have all been done before. There is actually nothing new or redeeming about this film, the sword play is nothing special the characters are very light weight and the comedy is not that good, it actually took me a minute after a joke to realise that it was not just bad hammy acting it was actually supposed to be funny. All the film really lacked was the comedy  a side kick for Kull who was a beggar and he kept getting caught by the authorities. 

This is a 1 star film, made for TV guff that can be ignored and does not need to be seen by anyone.

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