Monday, 6 February 2012

Transporter 2 (2005)

Film of 2012 #25
Some Spoilers

The ridiculous Jason Statham sequel centring around Jason Statham as the driver an ex-special forces operative who in the first film works a as getaway driver and in this film starts as a chauffeur to a rich family. It follows his journey to get the son of the family back and to stop the nefarious scheme of the central bad guy. This film I think has its roots in the Mission Impossible world but it is centred around the Driver, I also think that it is a comedy because some of the things were ridiculous and actually made me laugh out loud, such as how he escapes when there is a bomb attached to his car. 

So you have the central bad guy and his sexy side kick played by machine pistol wielding, underwear wearing Kate Nauta who is in it for the fun as she says kidnapping a young boy and infecting him with a virus so that they take out his father who is some sort of politician in Narcotics control. The hilarity continues as you have the fight on the aeroplane that is ridiculous and funny and from there it sums up the whole plot and action scenes, this film is about the stunts, the fights and the comedic moments that to me work well together to create and enjoyable romp. 

This film falls clearly in the guilty pleasure category and watching this film has made me want to rediscover the first one and to see the third one as you know what you will get with them, I am going to be bad and give this a 3 star recommend and would love to hear if anyone else really enjoys this film. 

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