Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Brazil (1985)

Film of 2012 #1
No Spoilers

What a start to the year, this Terry Gilliam fantasy futuristic film based in a future ruled by Information and the Ministry that looks after it. This film has dream sequences and to be honest I struggled to follow what was happening a lot of the time but at the end there is a bit of a there is an answer I can grasp on to.

This is a film that I think will lose a lot of people I am not even that sure that the answer I grasped onto at the end of the film is the correct one but it satisfies my need for answers and clean cut solutions.

I have always been interested in watching the Terry Gilliam films and will continue to watch them if you like his previous works then I think you will get something from this but I would say that be prepared to not enjoy it.

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