Thursday, 5 January 2012

Jonah Hex (2010)

Film of 2012 #3

This film is so silly it is unbelievable, that is fine as it is a comic book, as I have no affiliation to any comic books I have no idea if it is a true and good representation of what the writer was looking to achieve. It is also a strange set up as it is an origin movie but also the main tale so fast and pushy and could have been done better with cleaner points and less forced in to the start.

You have Josh Brolin playing a scarred hero who came so close to death he can speak to dead people, well fun but used poorly in my thoughts, it seemed to be big enough of a point to mention and then they do use it but not as much as I thought as it really was his only super power as such. Megan Fox, I think had they got an unknown actress there would have been less screen time and less points for the character as really she was extra weight that was not needed, I did think she did what she needed to do quite well actually.

Overall though you have so much crammed in at the start that would have worked if Jonah Hex was like Batman, Spiderman or Superman, so well known everybody knows the source material and the origin story, they could have gone with the cut down, I just feel that they should have done something different with what is not a bad Steam Punk world. I would avoid this film and it only gets one star from me.

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