Monday, 30 January 2012

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole (2010)

Film of 2012 #18
Some Spoilers

Finally got a chance to see the Owl film as it was called because who can pronounce the name of where the owls stay. So going into this film I thought that it was literally a journey movie about the main characters heading off to find the legendary owls of Ga'hoole, but this is not all it is about. There is a good vs evil story line, a betrayal that is really obvious and in fighting between family members which was really dark from where the film started. Overall for a kids film this was very dark you do not see anything through the animation but it is quite clear that there are several deaths and while it is life you do see the Owls eating what they normally eat, Mice. So not necessarily one for the very little kids, if you have small children I would watch it first before letting them see it. 

Now the animation was magnificent and I am sure that some of the scenes would have been exceptional in 3D but overall I did not think that I missed very much considering it was a 2D version that I saw. I think that this was a film from New Zeland or Australia as I did not recognise any of the actors voices and there was certainly a few with the Antipodean twang. It was good not to have any famous people involved as their voices did not pull you from the piece. Overall though I did not really buy into the set up, which sounds strange as it is a film about owls but in comparison I believed the world that Cars created with inanimate items coming to life. 

Overall I am glad I saw this film but would not recommend it unless you have a want to see it, 3 stars from me and I will not be rushing out to see it again. If you have seen it and disagree with what I have said then please let me know as I am really unsure what the population at large thought of this with or without seeing it. 

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