Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Caved In (2006)

Film of 2012 #9
Spoilers a Plenty

Why do I insist on watching the awful SYFY original films in the vain hope that there will be something of interest to see. So this film is annoying from 2 points as it was on the TV and listed as a group of criminals lead rich people below the surface and then look to rob them but they encounter creatures below. I was thinking low rent The Descent with a slight twist on the robbery. The film I actually saw was some drivel about   a spelunker leading a team of criminals looking for Emeralds and they find Giant CGI Beetles.

The acting is dodgy, they are in the best lit 50 year old mine in the world and the Beetles are terrible, it really is one of the worst films I have ever let myself endure, it really was dull and very predictable and if you cannot see how it will end then you really have to watch more films.

Writing this I am actually angry that I wasted the time watching it, do not watch it, 1 star for me and an avoid at all costs. Really why do I endure these nonsense SyFy films? Because you never know you might actually find one that you like, I will keep looking.

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