Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (1983)

Film of 2012 - #2
No Spoilers

Originally shown in 3D I watched this film on the TV so did not need the red and blue glasses that the 80's 3D technology required. I have to say that for a film that to me appeared to have it's tongue in it's cheek as it romped from set-piece to set-piece with Wolff and Nikki getting in and out of trouble with varying degrees of danger, to a conclusion that you can see coming a mile off it was a lot of fun.

The dodgy effects at the beginning make so much sense when you know the 3D origins but there were not as many obvious cliche 3D moments in the rest of the film but it would have been quite fun to have seen this in the theatre in it's time, I think that in today's effect and CGI driven movie industry it does not hold up but overall it is really worth a watch if you enjoy the 80's Sci-Fi classics.

If you enjoy the 80's fayre of dodgy acting, dodgy stories and dodgy effects then this film will work for you, if you do not go for cheesy story lines then you will probably not like it. A small note if you are a fan of Red Dwarf, there is an episode from an early season of this that I think rips this basic story off, it is episode "Kryton".

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