Monday, 2 January 2012

X-Men 3:The Last Stand (2006)

I had seen this film previously and been a bit meh on the whole thing but as part of a re-watch I gave it another go. You have the story continued from the original film and the second and it tries to explore the idea of a cure to the mutations that our heroes and villains have. I think that it is trying to have some sort of social commentary on people's perceptions to differences and has a ham fisted approach to people's perceptions of conformity. I think that they overload this franchise with characters and it gets to the point that it is almost impossible to keep a track of who is who and they get a subtle introduction which i sort of missed an makes you not really care.

You have the main cast reprising the roles, however I feel that at the end of the film it has no where to go based on how they deal with the characters ad to be honest my limited knowledge means that i am not happy with how it all ends and I feel that they went in a really strange direction with many of the main characters that mean that this film could actually be ignored completely if they take the franchise forward and thinking that makes me lower my opinion of the film as it simply means that it possibly holds no value.

I am going to give this film 2 stars, overall the acting is fine it is the story and what they do with the characters and I feel that some of the decisions were made by the actors and some of the characters get short changed due to the size and scale they try and bring to the film. Overall not really worth seeing and possibly a pointless film in the franchise.

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