Sunday, 1 January 2012

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

I have been trying to watch films that I have podcast reviews for and this is why that I looked out the X-Men Origins film, at the time it came out I was not that keen to see it. My problem with X-Men stems all the way back to the first film and the 90's cartoon, it is so wrong but I had a thing for Rogue from the cartoons. I have no knowledge of the comics and my experience is purely based upon the cartoons and the previous films and when they made Rogue a teenager with angst and played by Anna Paquin I was not that impressed and the rest of the films did not inspire interest, however I do enjoy Mr Jackman.

I went into the film with fairly low expectations as this is another of the recent prequals that takes where the character is in the first film of a franchise and makes up a story that ends where they have to, it has some good set pieces and is a fairly adequate action adventure film. Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine so well hat you know what to expect and as you know where it ends you have certain expectations. I have to say that they made it entertaining enough that I would re-watch it if I caught it on the TV. There were some throw backs to the comics that I did not get and to the film and the ending of the film has already been thrown out by X-Men First Class and where it went with the film so the continuity is already shot.
I give this 3 stars, it is a perfectly serviceable action flick with some good interesting effects if some of the story lines are a bit all over the place. Worth seeing if you have enjoyed all of the other X-Men films.

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