Saturday, 28 January 2012

Highlander (1986)

Film of 2012 #16
Some Spoilers

The classic 80's film where a Scotsman plays an Egyptian, a Frenchman plays a Scotsman and Clancy Brown steals every scene that he is in. I have seen this film so many times and back in my early teens me and several of my friends tried to re-write and film a new version if this film. We were not very organised and I think it lasted 2 days across a Summer holiday, but this film holds a special place in my nostalgic heart. Christopher Lambert plays the title character who cannot die and you see his story across the years until present day New York and the gathering. You have Sean Connery as his mentor and an Egyptian who worked for a Spanish King. The final main character is Clancy Brown as the main bad guy and another Immortal playing the Kurgan an evil and vindictive man. 

Now this film's basic concept is that throughout time individuals are born who cannot die unless their head is removed, and over time they will get whittled down to one who will win the great prize of power and knowledge. The major problem comes when you try to look at this film and analyse the ideas behind it and what it tries to do and then you end up with so many questions and plot holes it is ridiculous. But I think that if you just watch it as a film about sword fights and fights across time it is a fun romp which poses some interesting questions on what would you do if you were immortal. 

Finally the sound track for this film is almost more iconic than the film with most of the songs written and performed by Queen and it is tremendous and I could actually listen to the sound track all of the time. Now if you need coherent film making with no dodgy effects this film is not for you, if you just want the fun of sword play and great tunes then give this film a go, by the way I like the sequels as well even though they introduce a new idea that ruins the original idea but anyway give it a watch. This is a 4 star film for me, the soundtrack alone and some of the witty comments are brilliant but overall I think it is the deep sense of nostalgia I get whenever I watch this film. 


  1. Spot in review. I too like the sequels, and think if those new ideas had been introduced in the first film, it would have made for a more coherent experience. I even liked the tv show.

  2. I just picked this up yesterday. Great film! I've seen the second movie and the fourth, have not watched the third yet. Its now on my list! That and the TV show.