Thursday, 12 January 2012

Teeth (2007)

Film of 2012 #10
Some Spoilers

The Black Comedy from Mitchel Lichtenstein, well i presume from the tone in some parts that this is a very Black comedic film. It stars Jess Weixler who discovers through some events that she may suffer from "Vagina Dentata" Toothed Vagina and the issues that this can cause as a young woman exploring and discovering her sexuality.

Part of the reason that I think it goes for comedy is the fact that Dawn the lead character is in a group that pledges to maintain virginity to marriage and has a purity ring. And some of the external comments regarding this are quite random. There are some fairly graphic scenes with a scene of rape and seduction by drug and was actually uncomfortable but I think that it was handled quite well as the subject matter leads Dawn to end up with the control and the eventual victor.

This film is actually quite good fun and the scene in the Gynaecologist office actually had me laughing out loud. This will obviously not be for everyone but anyone that enjoys the darker side of horror and comedy should really enjoy this, I have given it 3 stars.

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