Sunday, 8 April 2012

Christine (1983)

Film of 2012 #61

Stephen King's Christine brought to Life by the master of Horror that is John Carpenter, however this happened I am very happy to have seen the outcome. The story follows Arnie Cunningham played by Keith Gordon, who is bullied. He has nothing other than a friend who is on the football team Dennis played by John Stockwell. That is until passing a garden they see Christine for Sale, she is a beat up, broken down, junker that Arnie falls in love with and decides to restore so he has a cool car. However there is something supernatural about Christine and things start to happen.

I have read this book and it is better than the film but then this is usually the case when books are made into films. However this film still holds up to me, the story follows Arnie to begin with and then as things start to happen you switch to Dennis and the Girl that Arnie hooks up with played by a very Young Alexandra Paul as they try to figure out what is happening and what they can do to sort the situation.

This is a fun horror film with some good effects, some great music and an interesting story I really like the film a and would say that if you like Carpenters early works or the the writings of Stephen King then it is worth a look, it is 4 stars for me.

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