Sunday, 22 April 2012

Stag Night (2008)

Film of 2012 #72

A strange little horror film that I saw because it had Breckin Meyer in it and I have always thought of him as quite funny and an interesting actor. However the story which sounded appealing soon became quite boring, 4 guys out on a Stag Night end up leaving a subway train early with 2 ladies after the Breckin Meyer character plays the douche and causes Mace to sprayed making them leave the train. From there they discover an underground way of life that would probably not go un-missed if it really existed.

So you follow them getting lost in the underground while they are being hunted by a brutal band of men/creatures who kill mercilessly and probably eat there victims and while this sounds thrilling it really is so contrived how they get stuck and how they fail to get out of the trouble which they got into quite easily. The ending as well while is what normal horror films portray is cliched and a bit disappointing and not worth the effort.

Overall this film is not worth seeing at all, even the acting is not that great, certainly not the worst I have seen but nothing that special, I give it 2 stars and that is simply for the efforts on the character design and the sets are really good and there is obviously some budget there but overall not worth seeing at all.

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