Thursday, 19 April 2012

Fort Apache (1948)

Film of 2012 #69

From 1948 starring John Wayne and Henry Fonda with a small part for an Adult Shirley Temple as the daughter of Lt. Col. Owen Thursday played by Henry Fonda. Lt Thursday is posted to Fort Apache at the end of his career and he has a point to prove. John Wayne plays Capt. Kirby York and this film is really a look at the conquering of the Apache Nation and the end of the film looks at how history remembers American Heroes. Henry Fonda plays Lt Owen Thursday as an arrogant soldier obsessed with military order and glory and against the advice of his colleagues goes after the indians in a destructive final battle.

If you like westerns this is a good version it is more about the Calvery than Cowboys but is still Cowboys vs Indians. The story does revolve around the idea that Thursday wants the glory that he thinks he deserves and this plays through as he does what he wants, how he wants and does not really care for the consequences and how it impacts his men. It is interesting as it revolves around military rules and how they are actioned and it takes a look at how the leaders of the past are measured and John Wayne sums it up at the end of the film as he was there and knows what the man was like and how differently he was remembered.

This is a good film and one I have watched it a few times, I am not a big fan of Westerns but this film captures everything that a good western needs. I would say that this is a strong 3 star recommend and would say that if you want to view a film from the 40's you could do a lot worse than giving this film a go.

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