Monday, 9 April 2012

Outlander (2008)

Film of 2012 #62

Picked up this film as it starred Jim Caviezel and I have always liked him, also it was indicated as a Sci-Fi film so thought it would be worth a look. Jim Caviezel is Kainan, an alien that is chasing a "Dragon" and ends up on crashed on Earth in the time of the Vikings, he is captured by a tribe and taken prisoner. John Hurt plays Hrothgar the Cheiften and his Daughter Freya played by Sophia Myles who is promised to the next leader Wulfric played by Jack Huston and you have your obvious set up. Kainin comes in and Freya is keen as he is different, Wulfric does not like him because he is different and Hrothgar thinks a differnet type of leader. They have an ongoing battle with Gunnar played by Ron Pearlman's tribe and when the "Dragon" rears it's head you have the coming together of the tribes to fight a common enemy.

This film is nothing special, there is the usual fish out of water trying to learn and understand a culture he does not know, but as an alien he is not that different from the tribesmen other than his technology which he soon loses. You have the love triangle between Kainan, Freya and Wulfric, you have Wulfric not liking Kainan but coming to a trust him after they play shields and he sees what a Warrior he is. It follows the basic trope where the Dragon which is actually an Alien creature attacks the village and they have to battle it to win and he comes to respect him more.

To be honest I was not surprised by anything that happens in this film and there is nothing that special about it. Saying that within the scope it was aiming for it was pretty servicable, the acting and effects are not mind blowing but adequate overall this is a 2 star film, not worth seeking out but not a total waste of time if you are doing something while it is on in the background.

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