Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Flash Gordon (1980)

Film of 2012 #68

From director Mike Hodges and the comic strip originally drawn by Alex Raymond comes a hero to save us all....FLASH ahhh saved everyone of us!! Starring Sam J Jordon as star Football player Flash Gordon, Melody Anderson as Dale Arden jounalist and Topol as Dr Hans Zarkov. They travel to the planet Mong and face off against Ming the Merciless this is a family battle with the Music of Queen to stir the heart. Dr Zarkov recoignises that recent strange weather effects on Earth are being caused from the planet Mong and he kidnapps Flash Gordon and Dale Arden and takes them with him to help solve the issue. Then you have the story as the figure out what is happening and what they have to do to fix the issue.

The acting is campy and the outfits are totally cheesy and this is very child friendly, you have Timothy Dalton and Brian Blessed as bad guys? With Max Von Sydow as Ming the Merciless, this film is a lot of fun but is very dated and very simple with a lot happening but not a lot of it that meaningful to me. The best part of the whole film is the sound track provided by Queen. With some great music including the title rack Flash Gordon and I will listen to this in the future however not that sure I will watch the film again.

Overall this film is an 80's campy classic but overall it is not that great and not worth seeing in my opinion, it is 2 stars and only worth seeing for nostalgia and if you want to see how comic book films were done in the 80's and late 70's.


  1. I'm sat sobbing at my keyboard. I saw this as a kid, young kid. I loved it. Everything you said I could not argue against. However, it worked perfectly for me at the time and I still enjoy it about once a year! Maybe you just had to see it in your primary school years? It even means I have a Queen song in my iTunes. One that I play when I need cheering up :-)

  2. Sorry Mary, I think nostalgia would make it a better film, I watched it just thinking it was way hokyier than I thought and a little disappointing.