Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Innerspace (1987)

Film of 2012 #75

Starring Dennis Quaid, Meg Ryan and Martin Short this film is from the family science fiction corner and has the premise of minaturising a test pilot to inject him into a Rabbit but something goes wrong and he ends up being injected in to Martin Short, who plays a Hypochondriac Jack Putter. Directed by Joe Dante this is a fun film that has a sense of danger and excitement as Jack Putter discovers his inner hero through helping Dennis Quaid as Lt Tuck Pendleton get safely resurrected and get Meg Ryan back. 

The effects in this film are for the time fantastic you do actually believe that Dennis Quaid has been shrunk and is floating around inside Martin Short. The danger posed by the evil corporation is while quite cartoonish fits in really well with the film. You have Victor Scrimshaw and Dr Margaret Canker played by Kevin McCarthy and Fiona Lewis ably supported by the ever imposing Mr Igoe played menacingly by Vernon Wells. Capers and comedy ensue and you have good old fashioned character development of Jack Putter to the realisation from Tuck Pendleton what is important. 

This film is great it is a bit dated with the styles of 1987 and they play loose with scientific possibility but overall this really is a fun and enjoyable film, I have seen it several times and will watch it again in the future. Overall this is a 4 star recommend from me go and see how a sneeze can save your life. 

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