Thursday, 5 April 2012

Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005)

Film of 2012 #58

The sequel to Jumanji that does not refer to Jumanji or the characters and is simply a new game with a different theme to the Jungle antics of Jumanji. This time it is an adventure in Space and the kids playing the game have to survive meteor showers and alien invasions while learning something about themselves. The kids are played by Jonah Bobo and Josh Hutcherson with Dax Shepard playing the Astronaut and Kirsten Stewart as Lisa, the boys older sister. There is a brief performance from Tim Robbins as the father and the rest of the characters are voices including Frank Oz and it is directed by Jon Favereau. 

This is a family film with a message and it is set in a world where literally anything can and does happen. It is a bit of fluff that is enjoyable and if you like Jumanji then it is worth a watch, it is definitely in the same vain as Jumanji. The performances as few of them as they are, surpass the expectations especially the kids, they have a little to do and what they do is done very well. They are not infuriating like some child actors can be. The grown up roles with Dax Sheperd and Kirsten Stewart are fine, really there is not that much for them to do. 

Overall there is not actually that much happening in this film bit it is enjoyable enough to keep you interested and to see the valuable lesson that they learn. Well worth a 3 star watch and if you are in to family films then worth trying to see it. 

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