Monday, 23 April 2012

The Untouchables (1988)

Film of 2012 #73

From Brian De Palma this film takes a look at Eliot Ness, played by Kevin Costner who is a federal agent charged with going after Al Capone and the gangsters that broke the laws on Prohibition and brought drink into America. Starring Sean Connery as Jim Malone, Andy Garcia as Giuseppe Petri and Charles Martin Smith as Oscar Wallace identifies how to get Capone who is played by Robert De Niro. You have an excellent cast and with De Palma at the helm you have a competently directed film that has an excellent strong story with many quotable lines.

You follow Ness as he tries to work with the police and tries to catch Capone the normal way and then he realises that he needs to work a different way to get the results he needs. You have him battling with the want to do his job properly and protect his family but knowing that while he is honest many of the people around him are not as honest as he is. It is an interesting look at a time when it was probably very hard to live, times will have been hard for people and corruption was rife as many people could barely survive. Yet Ness takes a high ground that is hard to imagine and yet he also manages to find people to work with that agree and follow his lead.

This film is a classic and well worth a watch, I cannot believe that I waited so long before getting around to watching this film and know that I will happily sit down and watch it again possibly in the not to distant future. This is a strong 4 star recommend and if you have any love for film and have not seen this then it is well worth a watch.

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