Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Fly (1986)

Film of 2012 #67

The David Cronenberg remake of the 1958 body swap horror film, sees Jeff Goldblum as Dr Seth Brundle a genius who is creating the next big thing. He meets Geena Davis at a party, they get together and she sees what he is creating. In his hurry to show off and impress her he uses his machine and he tele-ports from pod 1 to pod 2 in the first human tele-portation, however something goes wrong. You follow him in his discovery as he realises what has happened and he tries to come to terms with it.

This is a classic, from the master of body horror and it sees the transformation from Dr Brundle to the Brundle-Fly of the Jeff Goldblum character and you have him trying to understand it and document it. The best part is the fact that he does not actually do that much to try and fix the problem. You have that realisation from the Geena Davis character and the fact that she can do nothing as Jeff Goldblum does not want any help. This captures the horror of science gone wrong and is really gory and think that it is a modern classic.

I am disappointed in myself that it took that long for me to get around to watching this film but I am really glad that I finally did. If you enjoy David Cronenberg's other films or just horror in general then it is really worth seeing and a 4 star recommend from me.

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