Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Weekend at Bernies (1989)

Film of 2012 #74

Two losers who in the middle of a heat wave try and show their boss that they are really good workers and at the weekend they discover a discrepancy in the books and they take it to Bernie and as a reward he invites them to his island home. The comedy from there ensues as Bernie is defrauding the company and when he tells his boss that someone is on to him, they decide to take care of him. When Larry and Richard, played by Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman arrive at the Island they discover that Bernie is dead but instead of letting it ruin their weekend they pretend he is still alive and from there the comedy commences.

I had heard of this film but never even really seen or heard that much about it before I saw it and I actually really enjoyed it. There is a bit where you have to believe that the main characters can be that stupid and that people would really believe that Bernie is alive when you see him. However it is from the farce school of comedy and actually really works quite well.

Yes there are serious flaws if you are not willing to give them any credit but if you can go with what they are doing with the comedy. If you do not think about it to hard then it really is a fun film and a good 3 star recommend from me to see this film if you get the chance. There is a sequel which appears to be about Voodoo so will probably not be looking that film up.

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