Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Along Came a Spider (2001)

I caught this film one night on the TV and thought it has Morgan Freeman, why not give it a go. Could not really see the point of it, it's an adaption from the Alex Cross books and the start has a scene where a car crashes and you can imagine on paper it reads quite engrossing and tense on film it looked silly.

The whole story has some interesting twists and turns but in today's modern world of twists nothing was really that surprising to me, I thought the acting and direction was fine and the story was not to bad but there are a couple of leaps of faith and really the whole point of the exercise from everybody is a but questionable as to why they do what they do.

I will give it 2 stars as there is a few famous people who do nothing wrong in it and it is more to do with the amount of films I have seen that make me see what they do as repetitive and cliched.

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