Thursday, 5 May 2011

Independance Day (1996)

The classic alien invasion film was on the TV and I could not resist the chance to watch it again. I loved this film when it came out, back then I was not going to the cinema and I cannot remember the first time I saw it but I know that there has never been a time when I would not enjoy it, Will Smith, Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum defeating the alien menace with a pen drive.

Yes this film has so many plot holes and inconsistencies but let's be honest it is about giant spaceships flying across the galaxy to conquer us. And you have fireballs and White House explosions and of course there is the tragedy but it is a blockbuster and is designed to be entertaining which it is.

I give this film 4 stars and i am sure over the years I will watch this film many more times, if you have not seen it and you enjoy action adventure and some rough Sci-Fi then go and see this classic.

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  1. I agree this is a fun film to watch! Sometimes people must remember that going to the cinema can also be a fun expereince, a place to switch off one's brain, forget our problems and enjoy the ride!
    This film helps me do this!